Why Do I Need A Virtual Assistant?

Check out this short video which explains some of the reasons why you need a virtual assistant. A virtual assistant can be a huge boost to your business, helping you to gain more time in your days as well as up-leveling your business.

If you’re interested in becoming a virtual assistant, let’s talk!

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Virtual Assistant

Top Tips On How You Can Work More Efficiently As A Virtual Assistant For More Profits

Running your own home business as a virtual assistant can be rewarding, but requires a lot of time, energy and hard work. As a virtual assistant, you’ll find that you need to have a good work ethic and be committed to the work to be able to effectively improve your profits from it. If you find you’re not making as much money as you’d like to from your home business venture, then this expert guide will give you the run down on the top tips on how you can work more efficiently as a virtual assistant while improving your profit margin. Let’s take a look.

Best Practices To Improve Work Efficiently

Virtual Assistant

1. Improve Your Skill Diversity

Skill diversity is the key to not only working more efficiently but to also improving your profit margin when you work from home. If you’re currently only applying one skill set to your home business then you need to work out more ways you can diversify yourself to deliver more to your potential clients. Job careers as a virtual assistant are almost endless. With the latest technology, you can easily improve your skills and branch out into more career options that can make you additional money. It’s a good idea to work out what skills you have and how you can take these skills and turn them into a profitable avenue. Here are some things that you can try to branch out into depending on what you do now:

  • Complete online research for clients who require fact-driven information they don’t have time to find.
  • Write content for websites and clients.
  • Copy and paste items or upload items to a website.
  • Complete database entries.
  • Create data presentations in PowerPoint.
  • Managing emails for clients.
  • Complete social media tasks such as uploading comments, answering questions and showcasing new products on social media platforms.
  • Schedule client or business meetings.
  • Design and create websites

All these and more can be done from home depending on your skill set. If you’re not skilled, learn the skills. There are many training courses online, sometimes for free, that you can utilize to help you become more versatile as a virtual assistant.

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2. Set Target Goals Each DayGoals

It’s a good idea to set target goals each day to work towards. If you’re new to being a virtual assistant, you’ll find it hard at first to focus on your job, especially when you have other luxury home items that you could have more fun with. This is where commitment to your job is a necessity. If you want to make money and be more efficient you need to be committed and set goals each day. Your daily goals will help drive you to get the work done on time. If you manage to finish your daily goal, you can either reward yourself by having the rest of the day off or completing some of the goals for the next day to get you ahead. This will help you to complete more work more efficiently which in turn will give you more money in your pocket. Remember when working as a virtual assistant from home, the amount of money you earn is dictated on how much you work.

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3. Set Your Rates and Stick To Them

When starting out, one of the biggest mistakes you can make is having no rates set or you set yourself below the normal pay rate. You generally do this because you’re not confident with what you’re doing, but in truth, you wouldn’t be working as a virtual assistant if you didn’t know how to do it. Try to compare what others are charging in the same niche as you and work around this rate. You don’t want to overcharge the client because you won’t get continuous work. You don’t want to undercharge either as this will cause you to lose out for the time that you spend on the work. Setting your rates right in the middle will help you to become competitive but will also show your clients you are serious and confident. You will also feel more motivated to work if you’re getting a good return from it.

4. Keep Your Work Day Simplevirtual assistant

When working as a virtual assistant you need to be able to keep your work day as simple as possible. Try not to overthink or over complicate the task at hand as this will lead to time delays and a drop in the quality of work that you deliver. If you’re inundated with many tasks to complete it’s a good idea to write them down from the top priority ones to the ones that have a longer deadline. In organizing your day and your projects, you’ll have a clear mind each day of what needs to be done, and which ones you need to start on first.

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To also keep your day as simple as possible. Here’s some programs that can help with different aspects of your day.

  • Communication With Clients/Employees – Skype or Google Hangouts.
  • Sharing Files With Clients/Employees – Dropbox*
  • Managing Projects From Client/Employees – Basecamp/Asana

By utilizing these programs above, you have a higher chance of really improving you work efficiency. The more work you get done, the more money you make.


When it comes to working more efficiently as a virtual assistant and making more money, there are a few different things you can do as seen above. However, when it comes down to it, if you have the drive within you to succeed, you can make your home business a marketing enterprise success.

Steven McMeechan

Steven McMeechan is a strategic marketing and communications specialist with over twenty years’ experience in senior marketing management roles across a range of industries including Information Technology and Financial Services. He works for Capstone Financial Planning and lives in Melbourne Australia.

*denotes affiliate/referral link-I receive an incentive from these companies, you as the consumer are not charged for this program but receive the benefits this company has to offer by signing up with them.

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Work Life Balance

7 Ways Successful People Manage Their Work-Life Balance

NOTE: Today we have a guest piece on balancing your Work and Life. There has to be a balance between the two or you will easily get burnt out. Leave us a comment on what you do to keep the work-life balance while building your business. We’d love to engage with you.

Working constantly to attain a livelihood achievement is regularly prioritized above any intellectual and individual obligation. Maybe it’s not easy to find the balance in work and life in our early stages, but it’s better to figure it out for our life long happiness. We are always connected with the world through electronic gadgets, which often create pressure on us unreasonably. To achieve healthy work-life balance, we need to actually plan life’s day to day affairs and routine. We should know how to use our energy in a right way throughout the day. Here we will go through some of the tips, which will help us to keep work and life balanced.

Work Life Balance
What do you do to keep a work-life balance?

Way #1: Stay Fit

Yes, we might have heard this! A person should be physically fit to be in the race of life. We need to move our body every day to keep ourselves fit. Physical fitness is connected to our mental strength also. Continuous fitness system boosts our productivity, self-assurance, and toughness. If we are physically and mentally strong our decisions will be always correct. We need to maintain proper diet if we want to enhance our productivity throughout the eight hours we work. Stay away from alcohol, tobacco and drugs. It’s use instead of stress relief make us more stressed at a later stage. We should use our evenings for fun love events, which will release our stress and increase our mental clarity.

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Way #2: Set the Goals

Setting a reasonable goal is the most vital factor in our life. Setting a goal makes us work for it. Working without a goal is like walking aimlessly! Once we set a goal, we should also make a clear roadmap that takes us to the goal comfortably. We should have milestones to reach different stages. We should share our goals and milestones with our family so that they know what we are up to and can help us to achieve it. We should always discuss these matters with our partner and to the near ones at home. Community living is also very much required for a balanced life. So interaction with others is equally important to our life keep work and life balanced. Victorious people never attain goal on your own.

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Way #3: Dealing with Home Matters

Some studies show that we are more stressed subjects at home than in the office. People who are more successful will never let their work pressure to sneak into their family life. They will have an obvious chart to beat the stress that comes from all directions. Stress at work is completely diverse from home matters. At work, the decisions are made according to the job requirement and policies where no emotional bonding is required. Home affairs are more complicated because we need to consider the whole family. If the work pressure creeps into our personal life, we have the option to quit the job. But the same cannot be applied in family life! A positive approach towards life and maintaining calmness will help a lot in managing the stress at home and work. We can cite many examples of famous personalities who have successfully maintained a happy home and work life.

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Way #4: Work Smart

The proverb ‘hard work pays’ has become irrelevant now. Earlier we never had support from the electronic technologies. Now we live in a world where we can do almost everything with technology. We should know how to delegate our works. Time management is a vital aspect to consider in our professional and personal life. Technology gives us more organized work and time management gives us the leisure time.

Way #5: Use the Word ‘No’ wisely

We should learn to say ‘No’ when required in official and personal life. We cannot please everyone in the society. Sometimes by not saying ‘No’ we end up taking a lot of unnecessary pressure. Unnecessary anxiety and tension lead to depression. When we start loving and respecting ourselves, we will start loving the profession and family more.

Way #6: Holidays and Meditation

Holidays are essential to a sane working mind. To maintain a healthy work-life balance, it is necessary that we take enough holidays. Holidays refresh our body and soul, which helps us to think rationally. Being open to nature really rejuvenates our body for the next race. Meditation or motivating speeches from our guru or a teacher can be really energizing. Holiday is as important as work. The more we work without breaks, the less productive we get. Overloaded work pressure affects the family too. We must read books. Our learning process should continue until the end of our life. That generates a Positive aura in us that keeps us sane and productive.

Way #7: On-Off Mode

Develop an intellectual on-off mode between office and home. It helps to create a transitional motion between the two realms. This includes your workout, hobbies, personal appointments, and family outings too. We should never take home our office work and pressure. We need to maintain a professional life that does not interfere with the personal life and vice versa to make sure we are able to maintain a healthy relationship in both. It might seem a little difficult but definitely is possible with a little effort. To start with, you can get yourself a personal number and phone and keep the work phone away while you are with the family. Similarly, you can keep your home phone away while at work. Give clear instructions at the office and home not to call up the other number unless it is a grave situation.

It is also very important to have genuine relationships, both at workplace and home. Having healthy relations with our colleagues and family gives us an additional hold on all issues. In the office, we may have too many pressures to deal with. But if the relationship is genuine, stress can be dissolved.

It’s better to have a dinner or tea with colleagues for an official discussion. This will lead to a productive session. Maintaining a good rapport with everyone reduces the stress at work. At home, eating dinner or breakfast together with the whole family is a good routine to follow. You can use this time to discuss important matters with the family and listen to what they have to say. Haven’t you heard the proverb ‘the family that eats together, stays together’!


Life has become mechanical because of high competition and technology. To live, we need to work; there is no substitution for it! But to work productively, we need to live peacefully too. We need to know how to strike the right work-life balance to be productive, successful and sane. It is possible by practicing the above-mentioned policies to the core.

Author-bio: Levin George is a Search Engine Optimizer at OfficeRock.com. He actively pursues interests related to latest internet marketing trends. He spends his leisure time reading, meditating and enjoying the joys of technology.

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Vision Board

Here is the results of my vision board from 2016.

Remember this past January when I celebrated Nation Vision Board Day and created a Vision Board on Pinterest? Well, today I want to share the results of what has happened this year to fulfill the visions on that board. As well as a peek at an upcoming post about National Vision Board Day 2017!

Vision Board
Vision Board Results from 2016 and plans for National Vision Board Day 2017!

Here is my 2016 Vision Board

So from this board you can see there are several similar things. And I am going, to be honest, this board wasn’t really realistic for my first full year in business. However, there were somethings that will be happening my second year in business that were on this board that is similar. Like…

I booked us a cruise in November 2017! Our very first one ever, and I can’t believe it!! So I think that fits with this pin:

I didn’t have consistent 4 and 5 figure months, but I did have a few 4 figure months! I am excited to say that my business is growing by leaps and bounds.

And I’ve set the goal for the first 90 days of 2017 that I will be launching my Virtual Assistant Mentoring/Coaching Program so 2016 did bring me closer to that goal.

My business has grown and developed and changed over the course of 2016 as I expect that it will over the course of 2017 and I believe that fits with the integrity of doing business. I am starting out 2017 with a whole new client experience with client packets with signed contracts and everything which I believe are super important to have. It helps to protect both sides in the event of any problems.

National Vision Board Day is January 14, 2017, this Year and I hope that you’ll join me over the next two weeks as I talk about having a clear vision for your business. One of the visions and intentions I have for my business and website this coming year is to provide you with more great, kick butt content than I did in this past year.

As a virtual assistant, myself and soon to be mentor and coach I am always finding new tools and new gadgets, new spreadsheets, new programs, even new books that are super helpful in my business and I want to be able to pass those things on to you. So, if you’re with me leave me a comment!

Also, the website and blog may be undergoing some design changes to accommodate the upcoming changes in my business so if you notice things are not where they once were and you’re having trouble don’t hesitate to drop us a line and let us know.

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7 Tips for Entrepreneurs to stay Sane during the Holiday hustle and bustle.

Facing the Holidays as an Entrepreneur

The Holidays can be a very rough time as a Business Owner. We think of all these great ideas and things especially as a creative and we tend to get a bit of shiny object syndrome. However, we need to stay focused on our goals.

It’s nearing the end of the year and as business owners, we are focusing hard on our plans for next year as well as sales for the end of the year and wrapping up things for this calendar year. There are so many things to be done not only in our businesses but in our social lives as well, there are parties to attend, gifts to be purchased and wrapped, homes to be decorated, cards to be sent out, cookies to be baked, stockings to be hung with care, bright eyes and smiling little faces to be kissed and tucked into bed, and then there are those late nights of working on client tasks or projects to be done before the Holidays are upon us and vacation days are taken (which should be a must!).

7 Tips for Entrepreneurs to stay Sane during the Holidays.

So, how do we get through the holidays as Business Owners and still stay at least halfway sane?

Here are 7 ways:

  1. Make sure you get at least 8 hours of sleep each night.
    Ensuring that you get the proper amount of rest so that you don’t drag through your days wishing for a long winter’s nap is super important. Even though it’s thought that we entrepreneurs live on coffee, it’s really not healthy to actually live on coffee.

  2. Try to do some or most of your shopping online.

I absolutely love Amazon and the Wish app! I am addicts to both. I have to admit that most of my husband’s Christmas, Birthday and other gifts come from Amazon. He even makes a wish list for me from there which then makes it super easy to choose gifts for him. Plus, if you’re running an online business, you’re already online so why not take 10 minutes and do a bit of shopping. It’ll be delivered straight to your door and you’ll save gas and keep several someone else’s in a job.

  1. Plan out your days ahead of time.

If you know that you’re going to be extremely busy, make sure to plan ahead. Spread out client tasks and make sure that you have ample time to finish each task even if an emergency like a trip to the Urgent Care with sick Suzy or Johnny should arise. You won’t feel as panicked if you know that you’ve planned for a little extra time to finish up tasks. Set up timelines for each task especially if you know a certain task takes you a certain amount of time.

  1. Use Sendout Cards instead of handwriting each card.

Since you’re already online, just head over to Sendoutcards.com and check out what they have to offer. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. If you need help, I know my friend Lori would be glad to help you! Sendout Cards makes sending cards so easy and you can do it all online including postage and messages and even adding pictures to the cards!

  1. Plan Holiday Menus well in advance.

If you’re responsible for specific parts or even whole Holiday meals, make sure that you are collecting the recipes and ingredients way ahead of time. A lot of times the recipes can be made well in advance and then frozen till it’s time to actually make the recipe. This saves time on the actual Holiday and allows you more time to relax and enjoy your family and friends during your off hours instead of spending all of your off hours baking and cooking and cleaning. Spread out those household and cooking tasks throughout the month.

  1. Have specific work hours.

If you’re a work from home entrepreneur then you know that it’s important to keep set work hours. This is something that I need to work harder at and that I plan to change in the coming year. I do sort of have some set hours when I take appointments (see my scheduler here to book an appointment), but then my actual client task hours are late at night which doesn’t allow me the rest that I really need. If you need to hire a nanny or sitter for the kids for a few hours during the day to allow you to concentrate on work, then do it! Lay out your business budget to account for childcare expenses. A lot of times there are teens who are very responsible looking for baby-sitting jobs who would love to come watch the kids right in your home, this way you’re still within reach, while you spend some concentrated time working.

  1. Have a plan.

Do you have a set plan for the Holidays? Do you have sales you plan to run? Get those things scheduled within your email marketing system and social media schedulers now so that when the time comes they are ready to go and they’ll kick off without you having to worry about anything. You can sit back relax and watch the sales roll in!

Those are my 7 tips for making it through the Holidays as an Entrepreneur. Maybe you have more. I would love to hear them. Just drop me a comment or send me an email. I would love to hear from you!

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Virtual Assistant Services

I was drowning

I was drowning

by Mykella Van Cooten

I was seriously drowning.

I started my own business to have fun and do work I love. I did it to feel free and work only when I wanted to work. And I had been having fun, doing a lot more of what I love. But I wasn’t feeling free, and I was not working only when I wanted to.

Virtual Assistant Services

First of all, I am a lot of things:

More and more “working only when I wanted to work” became working on my business all the time, even when I was “working” at my part-time 9-5. It was a lot.

I was only taking breaks to eat, poop and sleep.

And, at the same time, I got my dream opportunity. But how could I take it on if I couldn’t even keep up with regular commitments? I was overwhelmed.

How did this happen? Doing what I love was not supposed to cause burn out. Right?

And that’s when I started to hear it – that still, small voice – saying: “Hire somebody.”

Really? I can’t afford that! What?!

I struggled with the idea of getting some damn help as the start date for my passion project, my music podcast, and the startup tasks associated with it, got closer and closer. I didn’t want to screw up my dream opportunity – losing interviewee interest, missing deadlines, presenting mediocre content or losing partner support. I didn’t want to come off like a flake.

Again I tossed and turned about hiring a VA. Could I do this? I was already struggling to make ends meet some weeks. Was this a stupid idea?

Then I heard it again: “Hire somebody.”

My project deadlines kept looming and new deadlines popped up as I took on partnerships and made connections that would benefit my podcast, but which meant more work for me. Shit. It was all becoming a mess, threatening the one project set to give me the most joy.

I was finding it hard to breathe. I’d think about failing at my dream and tears would well up in my eyes.

Again I heard it: “Hire somebody.”

So, I finally did it. I hired a VA.

And really, I’m a VA. I want solopreneurs to get the value I bring as a supporter and behind-the-scenes caretaker and nurturer of their baby, their business.

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Why wouldn’t I believe that hiring a VA would bring me value, even when money was tight?

Truth talk: Fear.

I was afraid I couldn’t afford it long term. I was afraid I would hire someone, grow dependent on them, and then not be able to keep paying them. I was afraid to be responsible for someone else’s livelihood. (Well, let’s be real, I only hired someone for two hours/week, but I still felt the weight of that responsibility.)

I was afraid I’d hire the wrong person; that she wouldn’t represent me well and that I would lose interviewees/clients/opportunities. I was afraid I would make the wrong choice.

Also, I was, weirdly enough, afraid to admit I couldn’t do it all myself. I’m a VA. We’re supposed to have our organizational shit together. Right?

Well that’s dumb, but I believed it for a hot second.

The Truth is: I am a million times more organized since hiring my VA. She is working on stuff behind the scenes while I pursue more paying gigs. She is keeping track of details and follow-up dates that were overwhelming my brain, threatening to fall through the cracks. And she makes me sound stupid important when someone says, “I got an email from your assistant.” Haha! Who knew?!

Then she shares with me this amazing spreadsheet of the details that represent my dream becoming a reality and I feel like the smartest, most uber-organized beyatch around! I feel pretty damn proud of myself and her.

And I chose a VA who is conscientious and quick and really gets my business. I pride myself on having these qualities too. It makes complete sense that I attracted her.

So, why hire a VA? Cause VAs like me do. And we know what to do to keep a business organized, and flourishing.


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Virtual Assistant

Benefits of Working With a Virtual Assistant {Focusing on Revenue-Building Activities}

Benefits of Working With a Virtual Assistant

{Focusing on Revenue-Building Activities}

As you know iPlanner and Company is all about assisting business owners virtually and providing administrative support. Many I have spoken with don’t know the benefits to hiring or working with a virtual assistant. I will be outlining those benefits here on the blog. If you’ve been wondering if there really is a legitimate way to earn money from home, I do have an answer and it’s “YES!!!”

Virtual Assistant

I recently found a graphic on a Pinterest board that outlined 34 benefits to working with a virtual assistant and I was encouraged to expound on each of them. You can find that graphic on The Admin Assistant.

Hiring a virtual assistant to handle some or all of the administrative tasks of your business will allow you to focus on the revenue-building activities.

A virtual assistant can handle

  1. Answering those emails that have been sitting in your inbox,
  2. Scheduling those social media posts that have been needing to get out there,
  3. Scheduling meetings for you to meeting with those potential clients
  4. Making phone calls
  5. Sending Contracts
  6. Uploading Blog Posts
  7. Creating Blog & Social Media Graphics

Having these things off of your list will allow you to get back to perfecting that new program, service, or product that you’ve been just itching to get on the market. It will also allow you the time to write that book you’ve been dreaming on forever!

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From Burnout to Beauty

From Burnout to Beauty

Starting a business can be exciting. You are passionate, motivated, inspired, and determined. The possibilities are endless. Your expectations are high. The word “IMPOSSIBLE” doesn’t exist. So exciting! Fast forward, now you are building your business. You have the website up and going. You have your marketing plan in place. Your email list is growing and your Facebook group is interactive.


However, you realize building and growing a business has been harder than you thought. There is so much you had to learn, and you still feel you don’t know enough. You have had small wins but still, haven’t seen the MAJOR results that “everyone” seems to be having. You haven’t had the breakthrough that you have been dreaming and hoping for. So fear and doubt sneaks in. Yet, you are strong. Your faith is strong. You fight negativity daily because you want your business to be a staple piece within your niche.


So what happens when you are 2 years in or even 3 years in, and you still don’t have the results you want? Your emotions begin to lead you down a path of frustration, anger, fear, and doubt, which could lead to burnout. Burnout is real, yet necessary sometimes. However, from the ashes of “everything that hasn’t worked” comes the beauty of a dream business.

Be aware of how you feel.

How often do you find yourself frustrated? How often do find yourself asking “why is this not working?” How often do you find yourself comparing your launches, packages, services, and etc to other leaders in your niche? Burnout is bred from your disappointments, unreached goals, and not met expectations. When you find yourself comparing, competing, and complaining BE AWARE. Burnout is real. I had reached a level in my business where I eventually stopped getting the results I was getting when I first up leveled. I could not understand why my efforts were not working anymore. I kept trying, but it seemed the more I tried the more I felt frustrated, angry, doubt, fear, and uncertain. Which led me to feel I was being left behind in my niche. I began to doubt my own talents and skill set. This led me down a path of “hustling”. I was throwing this product out there, this service, that offer just to get some sales in. This path led me to more frustration and impatience. Which opened the door to embarrassment and shame. I will talk more about that in a bit.

When I finally hit the wall, I said no more. I’m tired. I need a break. I stopped everything! I stopped coaching, marketing, social media, didn’t respond to emails, no follow-up. I did nothing. I stopped my business for 2 months. And that was the best thing that I could have done.

Welcome to burnout. It's real. Learn how to stop it. #entrepreneur #burnout Click To Tweet

There is a small voice within all of us that tells us to keep going. However, the motives behind the voice vary from person to person. Some of us are motivated by family. Others are motivated by short term goals. However, there are a few of us that are motivated by fear. The fear of being left behind. This fear is sneaky. You have watched this one. This fear loves to give you really great ideas, yet tell you if you don’t implement then someone else will get the glory. This fear tells you that if you don’t show up on every social media platform, or be a “one-stop shop” business, then why would people want your services? This fear makes you compete with others in your niche by constantly looking at what services and packages they are offering. Soon your comparing and competing turns into complaining. “Why did that work for her and not me?” “Why can I not hit my goals?” What did I miss?” “What did I do wrong?” “Why do I keep trying?” “Am I even good at this?” “Why did I start this business?”  [Insert embarrassment and shame] “Look how much time I have put into this and it is still not working.” “My family and friends are still waiting for me to start making money.” “How can I help clients, when I can’t even help myself?”

Welcome to burnout.

Here emotions are high and action doesn’t exist. There are no ideas, no creativity, no goals, no plans, and sometimes no hope. I lived here for 2 months. The first month was “I’m tired”. My focus was my family, friends, social life, my full-time job, and establishing a romantic life. All the aspects of my life I had put on hold trying to get my business to the level I believed it could be at. I would think about my business every once and awhile, but not enough to take action or even check in. I just wanted to live life. Every time I would even think, “okay, maybe it’s time to get back to it.”, I would get overwhelmed by EVERYTHING that needed to be done to get back on track. Then I would say, “never mind”.  

By the second month, I began to be more relaxed. I was soon open to the idea of trying to get back to it, but I knew I needed help. I started reaching out to a few coaches about burn out. I also was praying more and asking God for help with overcoming this burnout thing. Over the course of a couple of weeks, I starting to get excited again about my business. One of the coaches, helped me to see I had lost my passion. I was not excited about anything I was doing. I was just going through the motions. From there, I started having a serious conversation with myself. I was asking myself questions like “What happened?, When did you stop caring? What do you want to do? What do you not care to ever do again?” That was when the magic of burnout started to transform my possibilities.

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At this stage, my excitement and passion were returning. Why? Because I had decluttered the noise. I stopped trying to be everything to everyone and acknowledged who I actually was and wanted. I do not discredit all that I have learned about business to this point, i.e working with coaches, courses, and programs. However, the crossroad I had gotten to made me sit and ask myself ” If I could do this business how I wanted; If I could engage with clients how I originally wanted to; If I could make money only providing services that bring me ABSOLUTE joy, what then would my business look like?”

When I finally answered, without what I felt like it should look like or what others are doing, the answer was so clear. The answer was so simple. I cut out 85% of what I was doing. I cut out all my products and services except for 2. I want to move forward in my business with all of my efforts supporting how I serve clients with my BEST skills and talents. I want to serve and get results for my clients at the highest level I can by operating out of my “Zone of Genius”. My business, going forward, will reflect what I do best and nothing less. Do I have a lot of skills that I have picked up along the way? Yes. Am I able to teach what I have learned to others? Yes. However, what is the point if that skill has not been sharpened to excellence?

Burnout is real. Burnout happens from time to time. Can it be avoided? Not sure. Can It be controlled so it doesn’t happen frequently? Yes. If you find you are at this point in your business, relax. My advice is to just ride it out. Do not feel guilty or ashamed. There is a reason why people who perform at their highest peak take frequent vacations and breaks. It is the ultimate form of self-care. Sometimes burnout is necessary. Sometimes you need to just sit down and get back to you. “You can not pour from an empty cup.” You can learn so much about yourself, and what you want when you cut the noise. You hear your dreams speaking to you. You can hear your own thoughts over those you have adapted. It is wise to seek wisdom and not to lean own your own understanding, yes. Yet, there does come a time when you have to make decisions that will work best for you. Seek, process, decide, act, and then trust.

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Setting Goals

Refocusing {when goals get off track}

Setting goals isn’t just for the beginning of the year!

When we’re at the beginning of a new year our goals are new and sparkly and we’re all ready to hit the ground running. We might even have a brand new, sparkly planner all ready for us to get to work and start filling it with all of those appointments, plans and goals we have for this new year.

Setting Goals

You might also be wondering why I’m writing this in August when the new year is still 4 1/2 months away. Well, it’s because a lot of times we lose focus as the year goes on and we tend to lose sight of those goals that we started the year out with. So, we need to refocus and gain sight of those goals again.

According to Noxuhair blog, one of the reasons we lose focus so quickly is, “because we don’t immediately see the results we desire.  We live in a world where instant gratification has become the norm.  When we don’t see the results we want as quickly as we want, we become discouraged.  Another reason is the fact that we haven’t put a plan in place to achieve our goals.  I’m sure we’ve all heard it said that a goal without a plan is just a dream.  Without a strategy to achieve our goals, it is easy to get distracted and/or discouraged.”

If you’re at that place of distraction or discouragement I want to share some tips with you to help you refocus on your goals and begin to see clearly again.

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Tips for refocusing:

  • Get back to making daily to-do lists with no more than 10 items including household duties. If you’re an entrepreneur it’s easy to get distracted by all of the things that you want to do in your business, but you can’t do them all in one day. Spread things out and have a set time to do each thing.
  • Re-envision your vision board (find mine here). I wrote a post all about vision boards and you can read it here. Having a vision board is important to help you envision your future and the things that you want to do. So go back and take a look at what you put on your vision board and see exactly what you have accomplished, you just might be surprised.
  • Choose 1-3 things that become the top priority for each day and make them the sole focus of your day. According to Dumb Little Man Blog he suggests that if you try to focus on more than 1-3 goals you easily get off focus.

“If you constantly have trouble keeping to your goals, maybe you’re spreading yourself too thin. Pick 1-3 goals that are most important to you, and stick to them. Don’t bother yourself with any other goals until these goals are achieved (or unless priorities shift and these goals no longer reflect what you want in life).” –Dumb Little Man Blog

  • Have an accountability partner.  Having someone to help keep you on track and you doing the same for them helps everyone stay more focused. Choose someone who isn’t going to be easy on you if you keep making excuses. You need someone who is going to hold your feet to the fire so to speak and help you to meet your goals even in hard times.
  • Get that shiny (well maybe less than shiny now) planner out and put it to use! You can read about Emily from HoneyBee Joyous’ planner here. Another idea is using a bullet journal which I’ve started doing too and I love! You can follow my planner board on Pinterest here. 





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Successful People

How successful people map out their day {Free printable}

How successful people map out their day {Free printable}

I’ve been learning more and more about learning to map out my days and really put a plan of action into place. My to-do list isn’t as long as it used to be. I’ve learned to make it a bit shorter.

Successful People

1. Write your To-Do List the Night Before. 

According to The Millionaire’s Digest, You should write out your To-Do list the night before. I have started making this a priority for myself and making sure that I stick to only listing out 10 things on my list. This “order” was given to me by my business coach Katherine from This Needs To Be Said Media and I have found it super, super helpful.

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2. Have a morning routine and stick with it.

Remember what your mom always said, “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” Yes, it’s still true as an adult. It’s super important to have a daily routine and especially a morning routine.

As a parent, I have a routine for my kids and they know that it consists of getting up usually going potty, heading to the kitchen getting them a sippy cup of either juice or milk, giving them their gummies, then starting the coffee pot and then I start making their breakfast. It’s their daily routine and they’re used to it. If that routine gets thrown off so does their whole day.

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I recommend setting up a routine if you don’t already have one. Literally, map out your morning. If you don’t have children to get off to school, then plan to sit down with a cup of your favorite morning beverage and do some inspirational reading, go over your plans for that day in detail, look over the appointment list and get familiar with the client details for those you will be meeting with.

3. Set Daily Goals 

I have found from personal experience that setting daily goals are a great way to feel accomplished at the end of a day. Setting goals in small chunks are a great way to work on a bigger goal in pieces.

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Check out this video on habits:

I have created a printable just for you to help you with goal setting. You can download it here.

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